David & SherokeeDavid and Sherokee have lived in Tucson for 5 1/2 years year-round having left family, friends, snow and cold behind! Thankfully, friends and family visit and they no longer have to shovel the white stuff or drive on icy roads.

David is retired and loving it and Sherokee pretends to be retired while also working quite a bit as a speaker, author and advocate for families who have loved ones die, especially babies including miscarriage, stillbirth and other early infant deaths.

Their wedding dance band in their small northern Minnesota town was a polka band (which was the one dance they could do back then), though they could do an occasional pretend waltz.

Flash forward a number of decades of no dancing except at weddings…

Five years ago they signed up for Country western dance lessons with the Kactus Kickers in Sun City Oro Valley. It took them a few winters of lessons to believe they actually might learn the dances and lots of practice to feel comfortable with freelance dancing in front of others. Once they had the basics (from their great instructors Joan and Frank), they found that going to restaurants and bars with live bands really helped them become better. There have been so many good dancers who inspired them and they practiced and practiced while also having fun! Sherokee now describes this as the ‘dancing season’ of our lives. It is something they do to have fun together, meeting so many people who share the love of Country Music and dancing! Now they just can’t wait to learn new moves and kick up their heels – whether it is the two-step, waltz, cha-cha, swing, or pattern dances.

A few years ago they impulsively entered a dance contest at the Wreck Bar by the UofA and ended up winning first place – $100, in a KIIM FM dance contest. It was a shock to them since there were so may great young folks also competing!

David and Sherokee have come from newbie dance students to being the Co-Presidents of the Kactus Kickers Club in Sun City. This has helped them expand their friends and contacts in our small neighborhood and the Tucson Country Music community.

They have two sons who have done well by giving them delightful daughter-in-laws and blessed them with the best grandchildren ever (3.5 so far… the 4th is due in August). They both like to travel, but love being back in Tucson, especially when they can get back on the dance floor.

Make sure to say hi to them next time you see them on the dance floor.