Tucson Country Music Code of Conduct

Tucson Country Music believes that all artists and their promoters should do their best to act in a manner of conduct that best represents the Country Music community as whole. Below is the Tucson Country Music code of conduct.

Adherence to this code of conduct is essential to be included on our website and social media platforms.

  • Show the utmost respect and appreciation for fans and venus.

  • Respect and protect the reputations of others as I would expect them to protect and respect my own. I will not slander or put down any other artist, songwriter, industry professional, fan or venu.

  • Help other musicians be successful in any way that I can, just as others have helped me get to where I am today.

  • Make no misrepresentations online or via social media. i.e. utilize any fake accounts, fake followers, manipulate interested/going numbers in any fashion that may be deemed questionable.

  • No one will manipulate event times/dates events for selfish gain.

  • Co-hosting requests to TucsonCountryMusic are accepted based on your code of conduct status.

  • Whenever possible notify Tucson Country Music of changes to event times, locations, details or event cancellations.

  • No one will send or solicit inappropriate content or messages to Tucson Country Music or it’s representatives.

  • Always be truthful when marketing an act or music, avoiding all lies, exaggerations or misrepresentations of any kind. i.e. Do not list a live music event as a food event.

  • Always do things legally with regards to both personal and business affairs.

  • Musicians, family and promoters should forgo excessive drinking before, during and immediately after the completion of events.

  • Only pursue and/or accept gigs that I compete for fairly. I will never steal or try to steal a gig from another artist.

  • Charge a fair price and avoid seriously undercutting other competing acts of the same caliber just to keep them from working.

  • Be someone the worldwide music community is proud to call one of its own.

Updated 6/26/19