Tuesday night featured Clear Country band at BarnFire Mesquite Grill. BarnFire cleared the tables and put down sawdust for the perfect dance floor. Clear Country then packed the place and held a happy crowd till the end. This country themed steakhouse is outstanding, from the attentive staff to the tasty food and cold drinks. Look for the return of Clear Country for another fun dance night on Tuesday, July 16 from 6-9PM.


Wednesday was karaoke night at The Station. It was the largest turnout ever for a Wednesday karaoke night. There were so many people they even let everyone sing for an extra hour! Let’s see if we can do it again this Wednesday starting at 9PM with the amazing staff.


Thursday was was an amazing July 4th celebration. We started off with dancing and drinks with Clear Country band at a northwest side bar. As always Rick Skinner, Micky G and Harry Bolin really sound amazing with there mix of classic country songs.

Then we were off to Downtown Tucson to hear Mark Insley play at Iron John’s Brewing Company. Mark Insley completely packed the house and everyone enjoyed his sounds right up to the Fireworks show.

We left downtown looking forward to dancing with the Highway Outlaws at Outlaw Saloon. At the Outlaw I received warm welcomes and got to experience some great dancing. Checkout the videos below of the Highway Outlaws band.

I finished up the 4th of July with Backroads at The Station. As always Rick, Andy, Chris and Mike always bring their best and tonight was no exception. This band makes everyone want to get on the dance floor, and that’s just what everyone did. This party lasted till close and I am sure everyone had an amazing night.


Friday night featured J.R. Sandoval at Barnfire Mesquite Grill. JR’s solo acoustic was on point and he played everyones favorites. I really appreciate how this young talent even takes the time to visit with his fans in between sets. Look for more great country music coming to the BarnFire Mesquite Grill soon.

Afterwards we made it over to the Outlaw Saloon to get a few songs in from Patrick Ryal and the .357 Band. I was first introduced to this band in Tombstone and they are a real kick, wherever they play. Tonight was no exception… check out their cover of Guitars & Cadillacs below.

Friday night wrapped up with music from OneSall band and a late night dinner at The Station.


Sometimes it’s not all country music all the time. Saturday night I found myself at the Tucson Speedway for the Firecracker 50. This annual event is a must do for the MotorSports enthusiast. If you ever feel like doing something a little different the Tucson Speedway is always a great family event.

This week you can look forward to Corey Spector, Southern Reins, Jay Faircloth, Back 2 Back, Backroads, WildRide! and more great Live Country Music in Tucson.

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Hope everyone has a great week and we’ll see y’all on the dance floor!

Photos and Videos of the weekend below!