To all the talented musicians in our town…

I want you to know that I am grateful for what you do. I have learned that it is a true labor of love and I will not let ANY of you go unnoticed. I love how you bring people together and put a smile on everyone’s face.


Tuesday night I enjoyed meeting up with Jack Bishop and friends at an East side establishment. Jack is a very talented musician, keep an eye on Tucson Country Music for his upcoming gigs.


Wednesday was Karaoke at The Station. As always it was so much fun and was a really large crowd. I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying some dinner and drinks.


Thursday night I stopped in at The Station to wish Kim Bateman a Happy Birthday along with our friends from the Manrana Brewery Club. Thank you Kim for all you do to support Live Music around our town, you really make a difference!

Afterwards I stopped in at an East side Honky-tonk. Even in her absence, the Robert Moreno Band performed a special Happy Birthday shout-out to Kim Bateman. It was very sweet. I also got to help celebrate Nancy’s Birthday. Her smile is infectious and she is truly inspiring on the dance floor. There was a group of about 6 servicemen from our armed forces. Robert invited them to join him on-stage to honor them for their service with a special performance of “Drink A Beer”. It was very moving.


Friday night was the Gary Allan concert at the Desert Diamond Casino. I was happy to see so many of my great Country Music friend and followers. As usual Garry and his band put on a great show and the crowd loved it!

After the concert we made our way over to the High 5 Grill to see #backroadstucson. The service as on point and the crowd was HUGE! This place used to be known as The Stadium and is now under new ownership as the High 5. I can only hope they put in a real wood dance floor soon! Keep any eye for more upcoming events at High 5 on


Saturday I was invited to Skyline Country Club for the Annual Kentucky Derby party. It was a very beautiful venue with music by Gigi and the Glow. All the ladies looked amazing with their fancy flowered hats and dresses. I even got to enjoy my first ever Mint Julep and guess what… it was really good.

After the Derby party I made my way down to The Rock to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. The show started with Ghetto Cowgirl, then Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts, followed by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers 20 year return to Tucson! It was a phenomenal show.

The BarnFire Mesquite Grill featured Jack Bishop live! If you’ve never been there before, I recommend stopping by and trying out some of their amazing food. For over 17 years this place has been serving up some of the best steaks in town. You can always depend on the BarnFire for a cold drink, great service and a fun time.

After the concert I stopped in at the Outlaw Saloon to show my support for Chris Hudson and all of her endeavors to raise money for the Fisher House in honor of Al Villalpando. It was a full house and #backroadstucson was entertaining the crowd.


Sunday I stopped in at The Hideout Saloon to hear the Whiskey RiverDogs. This was the busiest Sunday I’ve seen there in a long time. I really enjoyed seeing this band pull in such a large crowd.

Then my boots stepped me across the street to Eddie’s Cocktails where I enjoyed hearing Garry Rust & Back 2 Back band. These guys are on pont!

Finally we made it over to The Station where I enjoyed my favorite Veggie Wrap (Highly Recommended). My bartender Jocelyn served up cold drinks and great conversation. What a perfect way to round up an amazing weekend full of great friends and country music.

Did you seen any examples of Cowboy Code this weekend? If so please share…

Videos and Photos of this weekend below.

Look forward to seeing y’all on the dance floor and hope everyone has a great week!

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Draft Tapper


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